Monday, May 9, 2011

My Mother

I woke up.  As I walked out of my bedroom, I remember seeing yellow stuff and balloons on the door.  Huh.  That's unusual, I thought.  When I walked in the kitchen to find my mom, I remember there being a sign on the wall and more yellow balloons.  My mom told me it was my birthday, and that was why she had put decorations up.  What a surprise! :)

My dad brought me into the laundry room with the green checked curtains that I loved.  There was mom. . .and a baby.  She gave me a new baby doll of my own, then introduced me to her new baby, my sister, Anna.

My mom was making me ramen noodles for lunch. . .when she left the kitchen, I reached up on the counter and took a bite of the raw noodles. . . it reminded me of a sandwich!

As I try to remember more memories of my mom, memories of my dad pop up (I'll save those for Father's Day. :) ). . .and I try to think of more memories of my mom. . .  then it clicked.  My mom was such a good mother that she always pushed us toward our dad.  She loved us very much and knew that we would need a good relationship with him as we got older.  I remember my mom encouraging me to write a story about my dad for a  Father's Day contest in our newspaper.  I ended up winning and having my article published.  Again, more to follow on Father's Day.

Once my mom (also teacher at the time) realized I needed glasses, I remember her taking me to the eye doctor. . .and I couldn't see one letter on the wall!  Not even the big "E" at the top!  I remember her taking me on many more trips to pick up my many pair of glasses -and eventually contacts - over the years.  How cool it was when I realized that one could see the leaves in the trees and the individual blades of grass from a moving car!  Oh, and who knew that the lines in the ceiling tiles were visible from the floor, as well as when one was un-installing a light fixture for cleaning. . .

I remember going to work with my mom during the summers when I was in college. . .and the year I decided to work a second part-time job after my regular full time and overtime job.  She wanted to know how to make my coffee so she could make it for me when I was too tired. . .and suffered from it during the day. :)  I remember people asking me to go to lunch with them, but I wanted to stay and have lunch with my mom.

I miss my mom.

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Norma said...

and she misses you!