Monday, February 28, 2011


Yesterday, Daisy and I had gone out "buttercup picking" before church.  I am currently re-training my mind to equate "buttercups" with daffodils since the locals here insist that they are the same. Anyway.  Once we came inside, I was finishing my hair and make-up.  At one point, I looked in the mirror - and to my horror - saw a tick on my face!  Being the only person at home, I could not call my husband to come kill it for me.  I had to do it myself.  Thankfully, it either had already gotten it's meal or it was about to because it's head was not in my skin, but boy, did it hold on!

I realized at that moment that I have about the same fear of ticks as I do of snakes.  After I burnt my dear tick to death, I realized that my heart was racing. . .huh.  I am afraid of ticks.  Go figure.  I suppose that my slight knowledge of diseases and biology may have come to the surface ( I could be a germaphobe if I'm not careful).  I've never known anyone who has died from a tick bite - although I have known those who have gotten very sick from them.

I gave myself an amended chat.  A little while ago, I asked a question of a pastor's wife.  One of the things she told me was that if I really trusted the Lord with ___________, I will not worry about _________.  Please forgive me as I leave blanks - that issue doesn't really have anything to do with this post. :)  That saying has been somewhat of a motto for me recently and has really helped with the situation that I am facing. . . so I adapted it.  If I really trust the Lord with my life, I will not worry about the diseases inside of this tick and what it could do to my body.  If God is really in control, He can either keep a disease from me - and I can praise Him, or He could choose to allow me to suffer through, learn from it, and praise Him for it.  God has my life in His hands - it is His choice whether I serve Him in life, sickness, or death.

I felt a little better and continued getting ready for church.  Maybe God wanted to test me in my recent resolution. . .I don't know.  As I was about to take Daisy out for one last "potty break," I looked down and there was a tick on her head!  Thankfully, there was no panic and racing heart this time.

Although I really wish there was a way to be rid of ticks, I know that is not possible.  But I do know that God will take care of me and only allow His plan for my life to take place.

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Norma said...

Uh.... you mom really should know about some things BEFORE she opens her computer :(