Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Patty Day!

Mint patty that is!  Since when I purchased the heavy whipping cream for my first batch of ice cream, there is really enough for two batches, I had to make another batch of ice cream - also because the first batch was gone so quickly!  I didn't want it to go bad, you know!

So the other night, after Josh had gone to sleep, I was wide awake.  I thought to myself, "I should do dishes and make ice cream, but I don't want to."  Then I shook my lazy self, got up, and proceeded to wash the dishes - and make another ice cream base.

This time, I made mint oreo ice cream.  Because it is good.  Also, I colored it green for St. Patricks' Day.  Not that I'm Irish or anything. . .but March 17 has become a green day.  Maybe also for recycling. :)  My mint ice cream is the closest thing that I think I could get to mint thin Girl Scout cookies.  I use mint OIL for the flavoring - not mint extract.  The mint oil makes the mint flavor rather strong; however, adding the oreo crumbles balances it out beautifully.

So, here we go!  MISE EN PLACE!

I'm trying to get used to mise en placing!

After I add the milk(s) to the pan, I plop my egg into the 2-cup measuring cup.  This makes tempering easier later on.

See. . .after my milk has been cooked, I need to SLOWLY add 1 cup of it to the beaten egg.

So, I dribble, dribble, dribble.  ( I couldn't dribble in the picture because. . .someone had to take the picture.  Daisy is too short and Josh was sleeping.)

Then, once I reach the 1 cup mark on my measuring cup, I pour my tempered egg back into the milk.

Now for the fun part!  FOOD COLORING!  And flavor, of course. :)

How beautiful!

Apparently, my camera has different color issues. . . both top and bottom pictures are the same batch of ice cream!  In real life, the color is more like that of the bottom picture's!

Before refrigerating, I always add plastic wrap over the top of the milk so that a skin does not form.


Crushed Oreos!

My baking buddy!  She thinks she is going to get crumbs. . .she did get some cooked potato yesterday while I was making potato soup!

She's too cute!


Erika said...

This is the last flavor ice cream I made too. SO yummy!

Norma said...

Daisy looks skinny . . . and is her hair cut okay, or is she wet??? Or just sad that she didn't get green fur for today!!!

Melodie said...

She's always been skinny! You saw her with her fur during the winter time.

We don't want to get chubby(ier) so we go on walk/runs most days. We want to run a 5K by next year!

And she was upset for not having green fur! She wanted a St. Patty's day dress, but I didn't get her one!