Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Home for the Homeless

Josh and I had gone to San Diego this past weekend for a bit of a breather.  We enjoyed ourselves so much (posts and pictures to follow). :)  We were able have such a nice time for the day and a half that we were there.

While we were waiting at a bus stop to go back to our hotel on Sunday night, a man walked up to Josh and asked if I was his sister or cousin.  We smiled and told him that I was not. :)  He then asked if I was his girlfriend or wife.  Josh said that I was his wife - I'm so glad that he claims me!  The man went on to give Josh a speech about how precious I was and that he should never leave me.  I will admit the conversation was slightly awkward at first, but I knew that we should be kind to this man.

You see, this man wore dingy clothing and was carrying an older back-pack with a blanket rolled at the top.  He had a veteran's t-shirt on and walked with a limp.  His teeth were mostly gone and he swayed from side to side as he stood.  His hair was long, grey, and very scraggy.  After he told Josh to never let me go, he told us that his fiance died in his arms.  He told us the same story about three times in a row.  I could see that he wasn't mentally handicapped - just very, very hurt.  He then proceeded to tell us that he was also drunk.

We talked to him while we were waiting for our bus.  He told us that he was a veteran and that the military saved his life - from the first time he was on drugs and alcohol.  After his fiance died, he fell into it all again.

What broke my heart was when he showed us his Bible and his favorite passage to read: II Samuel 22.  Upon realizing that he read his Bible, I told him that Josh was a preacher.  He was shocked!  We smiled as he exclaimed like a little boy who couldn't believe what he was just told.  He jumped around in a circle and said, among other words ( :) ), "A preacher?  You mean I am talking to a preacher!"  Josh talked to him about some other Bible passages that might help him and I promised that I would pray for him.

His name is David Daniels.  Please pray for him that he would allow God to fill the emptiness in his life.  Please pray that he, with God's help, would be able to overcome his addictions and be able to find purpose in his life.

What about you?  Do you have an empty spot in your life?  Maybe you are not homeless, but maybe you are filling your emptiness with addictions, relationships, or unhealthy goals?  Remember that God is waiting for you to look to Him - the author and finisher of your faith.  You will never be complete until you trust the Lord in everything.  He is the One you need.

If you would like help or more information about allowing God to complete your life or to ask Jesus Christ to be your personal Saviour, please e-mail me at sunny7daisies@yahoo.com.  I would love to help show you!


Erika said...

What a blessing to be used by God to bring some joy to that man's day. :)

Pokey said...

Isn't it good to walk with the Lord in every place you go? You were a blessing to David Daniels, and to me. (and you were in CA!!)