Thursday, August 4, 2011

Are you nice?

On Saturday, Josh and I went to a teacher store and an office supply store.  In both places I heard little ones talk.  They are so cute.  When we were at the teacher store, there was a little boy.  His mom's car was parked next to ours.  I was waiting for her to get her little troupe ready before I could get into my car - so I struck up a conversation.

Me:  Are you helping your mom?
Little Boy:  Yes, ma'am.
Me:  You sure are a good helper.
Little Boy:  Yes, ma'am.  I'm cool in my glasses and hat.  I'm four.

I told Josh about the conversation later.  We were talking about how as adults, we just think things.  Little kids just say them.

When we were in the office supply store, there was a three-year-old little girl.  She just walked up to a lady and asked, "Are you nice?" Ha. She ran back to her mother, and everyone smiled.  How cute.

But again, little kids only say what we are thinking in our heads. In our heads, we ask that question all the time.  But let me switch it up. "AM I NICE?"  Am I nice only when I feel like being nice - or only when someone is nice to me?  Am I nice when someone is not being nice to me?  Am I nice to someone I don't know?  Am I nice to their face, but not nice behind their back?  Am I nice?

Think about it.  Is there somewhere in your life you need to work on beeing . . .nice. . .er?  Just remember the little three-year-old girl with curly red hair bouncing up to you with an important question, "Are you nice?"

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