Saturday, August 6, 2011

Friday Night Pizza

Every (mostly) Friday night, we eat pizza.  I have to admit. . . it is
pre-t-t-y good.  I thought I should share a few secrets.

Secret #1:  Bread-maker.  
I used to think that I didn't need one. Until I found mine at $30 and couldn't say no.  I am in love - still.  My favorite feature is that I can set my bread-maker so that my dough is ready at exactly the right moment.  When I am at home, I can set it and know that in 1 hour and 40 minutes, I will have pizza dough.  That frees my mind to concentrate on other important items. . .like my to-do list.

Secret #2:  Chicago-style pizza. . .dough.
I follow King Arthur Flour's blog.  One day, a while ago, they posted about Chicago Deep Dish Pizza.  I tried it and fell in love.  I altered their recipe a tad (I don't care for cornmeal so I sub extra flour).

Secret #3:  My version of semi-homemade pizza sauce.
I'm not too keen on just going to the store and picking up any old pizza sauce - although that will do in a pinch, I agree.  Over my short pizza-making career, I have discovered our favorite pizza sauce.  It would probably be a little healthier than just a jar of pizza sauce. . .unless it were maybe organic pizza sauce.

Melodie's Semi-Homemade Pizza Sauce
2 cans of DICED tomatoes (I like the kind that were canned with basil, oregano, and garlic)
1 can of tomato PASTE
Red Pepper Flakes

1.  Open all cans.  Drain diced tomatoes.
2.  Put everything into your food processor.

3.  Process until smooth.  Use and/or store.

Secret #4:  Pizza stone.

My pizza in pictures. . .
Pre-bake for 6 minutes @ 425 F

Add Sauce

Add Cheese

Add Pepperonis

Add Parmesan Cheese

Bake for 13 minutes @ 425 F

All I can say is, "YUM!"

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